Play is the work of the child.
— Maria Montessori

Hop and Howl is more than a family lifestyle blog and parenting resource. It is a mission to help all children be able to experience the joy of play in a positive environment. To participate in the arts, music, and movement programs in the Twin Cities through the generosity of donations from individuals and companies. 

We are currently requesting donations to help fund pop events this Summer. Pop up play events will be free and placed in areas that are accessible for parents and their children to attend. Each event will be be headed by a professional from an Arts, Music and Movement field. Encouraging and teaching families positive play and introducing them to programs to participate in. Donations will be accepted online and at the events to offer scholarships to low-income families to attend music programs, art camps/classes and even memberships to museums. Funds will also benefit local charities and shelters that focus on the well being of children and offering them the same opportunities as their peers. 

If you are a company or individual that has a talent to share or to teach please email us at We'd love to work with you. We are also in need of donations of supplies, venues/locations, and even products to give out at the events. 

We look forward to a lifelong presence in our community, serving and helping others give their children positive opportunities. It takes a village.