photo by Geneoh

photo by Geneoh


I am Chelsey! 

Wife to Brandon and Mother of four children we lovingly call our 'pack.' The #werthpack consists of two girls, two boys and two cats. 

Tales and tips of our parenting adventures will find their way on this space, so I do hope you'll check in from time to time. I want to encourage a space where parents and caregivers can communicate, discuss, and seek support from others forging through the same obstacles and joys. 

Hop and Howl has been on my mind since baby number three arrived. We lovingly called her our little bunny muffin. Turns out, she is more like a cat, but the notion of referring to her as my little bunny hopping around has always stuck. Mesh the hopping with all the howling...aka joyful noises that fill our household and behold the name, "Hop and Howl."  

Adventure awaits!