Family Style

Family Style

     I will start this off by denying that I know it's been almost a full year since my last post. Ha! Best of intentions... hardly. I think it's easy for me to claim that we are so 'busy,' that a post just wasn't possible. BUT, as I wait patiently for the birth of our fifth child I have made a list of personal 'to do's' that I plan to see to fruition this year. Hop and Howl is one of them. 


   My goal is to feature other parents, engage more with my readers, and treat it more like a career than a chore. Lofty goals, I know, but honestly I have been known to do more with less so really there's no excuse.  

   As photographers my husband and I are rarely in front of the camera. Behind the camera is 'safe', it means we can tuck away in the shadows with rare photos of us emerging. That will change this year too. I want my children to find old hard drives of photos years from now and be pleased to see photos of their parents, not just ones of them. Last month our dear friend and fellow photographer Gene Pease of Geneoh Photography captured our family and I adore how they turned out. 


   Family photos can be extremely nerve wracking. I get it, clients, I truly do. It's a lot of money to invest in, you want to look your best, you want to feel good, and 'gall darn it,' those kids are going to look spiffy for once!  I enjoy styling kids, myself not so much ( I have lofty ideas of how I wished I looked versus embracing how I do, more on self esteem later..),  when I style my family for photos or help clients style their families for their session my number one rule of thumb is COORDINATE vs. IDENTICAL. Gone are the days of denim and white shirts. Coordinating can be daunting but I always advise to start with one piece.

  One piece of clothing you love, we all can usually settle on that. It can be for any family member, but use it as your core piece to build all the other outfits off of. For me, this year, it was this velvet skirt for Riah.  

 I found while 'browsing' one evening and fell in love with it. I built the rest of our outfits around this skirt. Grasping mainly at the tones of the colors and playing with patterns. Here's the mood board I began with: 


  From here, I dug through closets and used a lot of what we had and then ordered a few of the pieces above to complete the looks. I also chose outfits I knew we would wear and use again in the future. 


Brandon's outfit: Shirt by Goodfellow at Target, Vest by JCrew and Pants by JCrew

Chelsey's outfit: Isabel Maternity dress at Target

Riah's outfit: Sweater and skirt by Zara, socks from JCrew and boots by Toms

Thaddaeus's outfit: Button down shirt from JCrew, Patagonia Vest found on a resale site, jeans from JCrew.

Henrietta's outfit: Mum twirl dress by Alice and Ames, knee high socks found on Amazon, boots by Zara

Francis's outfit:  Shirt and Pants by Zara, high top maroon chukkas by Native

Painted Sugar Cookies

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